Happenings *Tender for 'Design and Development of Web Portal of Sanchi University of Buddhist-Indic Studies' is open for bidding. Submit tender at www.mpeproc.org.in till 23.59 on 26/03/2017.    *"Spiritual Strokes" A national workshop on the sublime painting is scheduled from 28th March to 3rd April, 2017 in Barla campus.    *Academic Council approves Sanchi University courses to be taught in Sri lanka's Nagnanda Institute of Buddhist Studies # A 6 month certificate course on Korean Su-Jok system will be started in the University from next academic session, # Academic council also approves collaboration of Sanchi University with Indic Academy to promote Sanskrit studies # A 10 year project for Rewriting of Indian Philosophy in Modern Perspective was also approved by Academic Council of Sanchi University    *New centres will be established in new academic session – Centre for Ancient Indian Sciences, Centre for Study of Indian History, Culture & Archaeology, Centre for Policy & Co-ordination Study    *Certificate/Diploma course in written & spoken Sanskrit    *Certificate course on Comparative Religions of India    *Certificate courses on Indian Sculpture will be started from next session    *Sanchi University will start a new course on Tantra Shastra in next academic year 2017-18    *Decissions taken by Executive Council in fifth EC meeting- Sanchi University will rewrite the Indian Philosophy in modern perspective    *Chief Minister announces the allotment of an additional 20 acres of land to SUBIS to enable other countries /foundations to set up their study centers.

Welcome to Sanchi University of Buddhist-Indic Studies

Sanchi University of Buddhist-Indic Studies shall be located very close to Sanchi - the world heritage site, famous for the Stupa. The picturesque location is surrounded by green fields & forest laden hills.

This University is meant to address the global issues & shall generally cover educationalists, academicians, philosophers, researchers, practitioners from all over the world, but shall primarily focus on Asian countries - the land of genesis & spread of Buddhist-Indic culture. All aspects of Buddhist-Indic Studies from philosophy to culture; from economics to governance shall be addressed in totality. It shall invite knowledge & wisdom from all ten directions; shall realise, redeem, research, refine and refurbish it further to disseminate in all spheres of life and contribute to the efforts in making 'Mother Earth' a better place to live in. This shall also contribute to the interaction among Asian countries and facilitate cross pollination of ideas & foster harmony among different Asian civilizations.


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